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Thursday, 09.01.2014

Music PrePaid Card

Music classes without a contract! Why not give it a try!

Your choice of lessons at The! Music School for 4 or 6 hours, including one trial lesson.

Until 31/01/2014, our new Music Prepaid Card comes at an absolutely incredible introductory price.

You will get our 4+1 Music Prepaid Card for an unbeatable 75.- € (regularly 80.- €), and our 8+1 for just 150,- € (regularly 160.- €)

Visit our office to book on of our Music Prepaid Cards. You can also call us at 03328 - 33 66 55 - 0 or email us at


Saturday, 23.11.2013


The! Music School is a transparent music school. We want to enable parents to share some of their children’s musical experience. This is why every family automatically receives 4 free lessons when they enroll their children in one of our programs.

We closely work together with parents in order to use a joint approach when instructing our students. With the Parents-4-Card, moms and dads have the opportunity to actively take part in their children’s instruction. This gives them the unique chance to share the experience of making music with their children in a fun environment.

Take advantage of the 4 free lessons we offer and give it a try!

At The! Music School, our focus lies on working together with parents in the interest of providing children with the best education possible. We take your trust seriously!

Saturday, 23.11.2013

Classes for Children (5-6 yrs.)

We are now pleased to also offer classes for 5- to 6-yr-olds.

For as little as  39.- € per month and with short term contracts, these classes are perfectly tailored to the needs of the little musicians.

The 30 min instruction period closes the gap between early musical instruction and “normal“ music classes. Children at that age are full of curiosity, have many questions, and are eager to try something new. We want to satisfy those needs by introducing your children to the world of music in a playful and creative way.

Our aim is to be a place where children have fun exploring music and noises. At the same time we want to promote their creativity and development in a meaningful way that suits their interests and needs.

Saturday, 23.11.2013


We at The! Music School are committed to providing the best service possible.

We invite you to take note of the new service offers which you can find on our homepage.

Use our customer-friendly QR codes.

Or visit our instrument page in the Service section. There you find great instruments for beginners and advanced players at incredibly low prices.

For example, you can get a very good beginners‘ acoustic guitar for as little as 27.90 €. The pages are constantly updated so you will always have access to the best offers available.

We can also offer valuable advice and support should you experience problems with noise levels when your child practices at home, especially if he or she is a drummer! Did you know that children are legally entitled to two hours of practice time every day?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Friday, 01.11.2013

Now is the time to save!   Vocal lessons for JUST 65.- €

Until 31/12/2013, The! Music School offers vocal lessons at an unbelievably low rate of 65.- € per month.

Compare this to identical classes that usually start at 120.- € per month elsewhere.
Starting 01/01/2014 we will slightly increase our monthly rate but still remain far below the rates commonly charged for vocal lessons!

This small rate increase will be waived for all registrations received by December 31st!

Our professional vocal coach studied in New York and Vienna. Make sure you take advantage of this exceptional offer!

Now is the time to save!